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Ben roethlisberger dating actress

After an uncredited cameo in 2004's superhero film Catwoman, Peregrym made her film debut in 2006, playing the lead role in Stick It, a film revolving around a rebellious teenager who is forced to return to her former life in gymnastics.

Peregrym then played the role of an illusion-generating Candice Wilmer on the television series Heroes.

One of the recent surprises of the 2015 NFL season is the three-game losing streak of the formerly undefeated Green Bay Packers.

Suddenly, a Super Bowl favorite now ranks second in its division and, should the Packers fall to the NFC North-leading Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, it could be a long climb back to being a top seed in the conference.

It started with a comment by a reader of the Milwaukee .

ESPN's Rob Demovsky also speculated that Munn and Rodgers' relationship might have something to do with the Packers' recent struggles -- no matter that Rodgers hasn't really been the problem in the past three games, save for the first of the losses, in which he threw for only 77 yards and had no touchdowns nor interceptions.

Zach Mettenberger, rookie QB of the Tennessee Titans, made waves on social media with the ferret growing on his lip before he even took a snap this season. Ben Roethlisberger – Pittsburgh Steelers It’s been a long while since Big Ben’s succumbed to the facial hair fad called the ‘stache. Derek Holland – Texas Rangers This one is my personal fave, because this kid looks like someone who shouldn’t be able to grow a ‘stache.

But, forget all of that: It's much easier to blame the Packers' recent woes on their quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, and more specifically, on Rodgers' relationship with actress Olivia Munn.This set off a Twitter firestorm, with Packers fans relentlessly blaming Munn for what has ailed the Packers as of late.Munn called out the commenters, fans on Twitter and the journalists enabling those who "spew hatred," for their laziness on Thursday.Nikki Reed initially played the role in the unaired pilot.Reaper was about a young man named Sam who became a bounty hunter for the devil.

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Of course, those who are blaming Munn for Rodgers' recent struggles are reaching, and -- whether they know it or not -- are perpetuating centuries-old sexist behaviors about what a woman's "place" should be in a man's life.

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