Brett anderson donnas dating

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Brett anderson donnas dating

It’s not only male rock stars who watch porn on tour buses and make out with fans.The Donnas are four women who date their groupies and sing about their sexual conquests with as much unapologetic abandon as the guys do.'” 2: DO score with everyone: fans, crew, the opening band….“No one is off-limits,” says singer Brett Anderson (Donna A). ” 3: DON’T feed the DJ.“We have a lot of problems with DJs who think they’re Howard Stern,” says Anderson.“Tours are only six weeks, which isn’t really enough time to get something going.” Adds Ford: “I’ve gone out with a guitar tech. “They’ll ask horribly degrading questions about our personal hygiene and if we shower together-stuff they would never ask a guy band.

Opening night included a performance of "Vivian's Papas"--a play from the era written by Leo Ditrichstein--by the Powers Theatre Chicago. Matthew Dolkart Development Writer My pic this week is not an object or perspective of the park, rather, the people that enjoy it.Everything is always great in the city where the sun normally sits above the skyline like a fattened orange peach, juicy and tempting to the bite.When the Donnas walk through CBS Studios and onto the set of , host Craig Ferguson smiles brightly and exclaims: "You guys rock!We asked the band, who’ve just released their appropriately raucous new album, Gold Medal, to share their rules for survival as an all-girl rock gang. Eventually they took some money and let us go, but I was really scared.1: DO keep your cool around the cops.“We were driving across the French border into Italy in this little tiny van and we got pulled over,” says bassist Maya Ford (a.k.a., Donna F). ’ I had a piece of hash in my pocket, so I pulled it out real fast and just threw it. I was like, ‘I’m going to jail in France and I won’t be able to play any more shows!

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And I’ve made out with the opening band-the whole band. We have a tactic: When someone asks something like that, we just don’t say anything, so they get dead air.

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