Dating hand planes

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Dating hand planes

Usually it's just because we don't have any good pictures of actual planes at the time (the Stay Sharp planes by Record are a prime example of this).If that is the case with a particular plane you're looking for then please return at a later time and we may have completed the page by then.Stanley claimed that "Every Carpenter needs two or more wood planes in his kit, for rough outside work" and that "wood planes push easier." Thus, these planes were offered as an alternative to the metallic planes.Furthermore, some guys preferred the feel of wood against wood, like that afforded by the old style wooden bench planes.But, they also understood the benefit of the patented adjustment features found on the metallic planes.Stanley made it possible for these guys to have their cake and eat it, too, by offering these planes.Blades and irons are mostly full-length and are either sharp, ready to use or capable of being sharpened by the purchaser.Defects, such as pitting and other detractions, are always noted in the item descriptions.

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The 18 different models attest to this fact - all of them are different lengths and widths.

Guys could also tailor their wooden plane to the exact length with which they were comfortable by sawing off the toe and/or heel.

The principle behind the device is to inflict area damage to entrenched personnel by way of force-thrown high-velocity fragments distributed in a uniform pattern.

The M67 is currently in service with US military forces among others and has proven a capable area-effect weapon.

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