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Recycle Bin has this great ability to sort by the date deleted.

A few eeminders users have asked why their Inbox has emails grouped under NONE for date.When that happens, the date on the email changes because it is technically a new message at the time of send.You can manually change the date of any email to reflect when it was originally sent.This post has a more detailed explanation on how you can use this Firstly… In this view your emails are sorted by EEMINDER DATE, not received date.This lets eemidners show you what you plan to work on at the top.

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Today we’re bringing that ability to Outlook – and not just for the trash.

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  1. I have to think that the person asking this question is looking for someone who answers “Yes, it would,” not “No, it wouldn’t.” And that, quite simply, is terrifying. Both options, I think most normal people would agree, are terrible.